Nationally known Fashion Designer of 14 years, Sally Bridge, is making her furniture debut. Her wrought Iron furniture is a new, fresh look at Rustic Modern Living.

View her furniture collections online. She began designing and making furniture in 2007 for a home she bought and renovated in Umbria, Italy.

Her furniture line is a fresh take on Rustic Modern mixing sophistication with a little quirk in a rustic way. Each piece is beautifully handmade with a personal story.

Sally lives in Italy for 2-3 months every fall and spring where she isolates herself to draw and paint, travel and think.

Her fashion background lends its aesthetic and design sense to her work again, and she comes out forward thinking as per usual, offering something new to Decorators, Architects and Outdoor living.

She designs interior and exterior furniture, which fits today’s style since everyone is sacrificing square footage for bigger outdoor living areas. She uses reclaimed, recycled and new metal for her pieces and works with local craftsmen.

Sally Bridge is founder and creative director for Sally Bridge Metal.

Her aesthetic is 50’s based, reflecting that artistic revolutionary time period, which still today, excites her and influences her design.

Sally describes her style as being a culmination of the following elements, edge(which is undefinable), a sculptural aspect, graphic detail and boldness, a little 50’s, and a well traveled mind.

Sally is a modernist and stays true to herself to produce a style that defies definition.